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  • What are the payment terms?
    A 25% down payment is required upon booking to hold your date. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event! **Please note that if your contract and down payment are not completed within 1 week, your booking will open back up**
  • Is wifi required?
    Wifi is ideal, but not required, we have an option to add-on our hotspot which can run off of cellular data.
  • Is a Photo Overlay/Print Template required?
    No! We will customize the captures however you would like, if that means no overlay, then we do not have to apply an overlay. However if you would like one, we will work on your overlay until it is perfect for you.
  • Is setup & removal included?
    Yes! Everything we offer includes setup and removal before and after your period of rental time. With the exception of a few pickup items such as our Rotary phone audio guestbook and a few additional items. We will schedule this pickup with you.
  • Do we need an outlet?
    We have the ability to run the booth itself off of battery for up to 6 hours. Additional electrical needs will require an outlet such as printing, additional lighting, and neon signs.
  • How much space do we need?
    An ideal amount of space would be 8ft by 8ft, however we can accommodate smaller spaces if we are not using a backdrop or providing prints. Most backdrops require 8ft high ceilings. If we are providing, prints, guestbook, backdrop, & props we prefer a 10ft by 10ft space.
  • Do you provide prints?
    Yes, we provide unlimited prints throughout the duration of your event with our Signature DSLR booth packages as well as the ability to add-on prints to our Classic Booth packages!
  • Are backdrops required?
    Backdrops are not required! Natural backdrops are some of our favorite! Each package does include a classic backdrop or you can add-on our specialty backdrops! Backdrops can also be rented individually!
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